Steam and hot water boilers are two types of heating systems commonly used in residential homes. Both use water to heat the home, but they operate differently and offer unique benefits. At Town & Country we’re happy to provide services to replace, repair and maintain these systems.

Steam Boiler Benefits

Steam boilers use water heated to the boiling point to produce steam, which is then circulated throughout the home via pipes. They can also be used to power other household appliances, such as humidifiers and hot water heaters.

  • Quick heating time and able to consistently control temperature
  • Ideal for cold climates.
  • Can last for decades with proper maintenance

Hot Water Boiler Benefits

Hot water boilers use water heated to a temperature below the boiling point to heat the home, which is then circulated via pipes.

  • Provide a gradual and consistent heat, making them ideal for homes in milder climates or those seeking more uniform heating.
  • Generally less noisy than steam boilers, as there is no sound of steam moving through pipes.

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